Clear it out: in the clouds with no doubts.

“Cosa mai spinse l’ingegno umano a inventare e tramandare ai posteri
tante discipline ritenute nobili, se non la sete di gloria?
Folli davvero gli uomini che hanno creduto di conquistare a prezzo di tante faticose veglie
quella fama di cui niente può essere più vano. Ma intanto voi dovete alla Follia
i tanti ed eccellenti agi della vita, e il più gradito di tutti è
il profitto della follia altrui.”
(Desiderius Erasmus)

As much as I would like to keep it simple and in my own language, this would hardly be the case. Both, people and situations involved in my daily life are rarely related to my mother tongue. But..although my job and my work are normally either in English or Spanish, in neither language I reached a fluency and an ease in expressing that helps me feeling confortable with its use.

Each introduction should go with a brindisi: a nice, pleasant and warm glass of wine. These glasses were have been the main feature of our closing night in the fancy capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. The City of Wind that dominates over the Land of Fire.

This particular table and brindisi are a clear example of how the eternal circularity of time decides to manifest itself in everyone’s life with different shapes and phenomenology, mixing future and past pitching our present within a thick composition of illusions and deja-vu.

Well, pozzo, I’ll POP out. Everything will sooner or later make sense.

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